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  I used to have a sharp kitchen knife in my cutlery box, thrown in the back of my 4wd. That was it. A knife to me was simply to cut up the steak and potatoes for dinner. But since I received a rather large and heavy duty survival type knife for Christmas, I have discovered so many uses for a decent knife that it’s hard to imagine how I ever did without one! What exactly? Here’s just a few you might not think of every day: 1: Use it to clear your camp! If your knife is a big...

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Anyone and everyone who intends on traveling outside the urban area, whether it be on or off road needs a tool kit in their vehicle. If you’re just hitting the highway for a few hours you could get away with a tyre repair kit, wheel brace and a jack. However, the further you head from civilization, the more you’re going to need and in this post I am going to touch on the necessities everybody should have in their tool bag. Combination Spanner Set: Ring one end, open on the other. A set with the most popular metric and imperial...

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