20 Inch (520mm) BOSS Series LED Light Bar

  • This BOSS series of LED light bar has had to earn it's boss status.

    Featuring an all new patented spot reflector assembly; the BOSS series produces an insane spot beam and a wide angle of spread.

    Perfect for driving down those long and open country roads where long distance lighting is a must for spotting obstructions (like kangaroos) on the road.

    It’s also a great bar for twisty mountain roads, narrow bush tracks and more.

    Outstanding Performance:
    Produced with authentic 7W Philips Lumiled ® LEDs that produce a high luminous flux, offering a crystal white 6500K light, ideal for outdoor night environments.

    Designed with our new intelligent low amp draw stabiliser, offering more power input to the LEDs.

    Featuring a combination of flood and spot reflectors forming an outstanding beam array.

    Wide 60° Angle Spread Beam:
    The spread beam projectors on either side of the light bar project light at an optimal 60° spread.

    This allows the driver to spot wildlife and other obstacles on the shoulders of the road.

    Super Focused 8° Tri-Spot Beam:
    This light bar features a patented tri-spot array of reflectors. Unheard of in the lighting industry, this arrangement of spot reflectors produces an incredibly focused beam of light at a longer distance.

    Heavy Duty Design:
    IP68 dust/particle tight and water proof. Die cast aluminium body and heat sink cooling fins.

    Gore® pressure-equalizing vent. Deutsch® DT connectors. This is backed by our genuine no-fuss replacement guarantee.

    Adjustable Mounts:
    Featuring fully adjustable mounts that slide along a track under the light bar.

    This allows you easily to bolt the light bar to any pre existing mounting holes such as those found on your bull bar, nudge bar, roof rack etc.

    In The Box:
    1x LED Light Bar
    1x Mounting Bracket Accessory Kit