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BAP Offroad® Chargify™ 20000mAh 400Amp Portable Multi Function Car Jump Starter

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Have you ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery?

Nobody to help jump start your car?

Don't have an RAA subscription?

Never worry again with Chargify™, your very own high power, portable jump starter.

Designed to be super simple and easy to use, this kit will jump start most small size to large sizes cars and 4X4s.

Once fully charged, the device will remain fully charged for 3 months - great to keep in the car to stay protected!

When fully charged, it can start a vehicle approximately 10-20 times!

Handy adapter: Includes a cigarette adapter plug that allows you to power your fridge, air compressor, shower and other appliances straight from the jump starter

USB charging port: it doubles as an emergency charger for your phone, tablet, GPS and other devices.

Reverse charge protection: battery voltage detection, reverse polarity protection, and detects defective batteries and forced start function to make it safer to use.

Super bright LED torch: which can operate continuously for 40 hours. It features a SOS mode (3 long, 3 short) which can last 120 continuous hours, for emergency situations.

How to use:
1. First check your car's displacement to make sure this jump starter will work.

2. Safely remove terminal caps or unscrew the screws on your car's battery terminals

3. Connect the included red clamp to positive terminal (red) and black clamp to negative terminal (black). Make sure they are secure with enough contact surface.

4. Now plug the cable into the jump starter unit

4. Press the round power button. Now go into your car and turn the ignition to on.

5. Once car is started, safely remove the red and black clamps from the terminals within 30 seconds..

Starts up to 4.0L engines
Size: 13.2x7.5x2.5 cm
Operating temperature: -45°C ~ 80°C
Starting current: 200A
Peak current: 400A

In the box:

1 x Jump starter battery
1 x Four-in-one USB charge adapter
1 x 12V Storage battery wire clip
1 x Car charger adapter
1 x AC Home Power adapter (Plug suit your location)
1 x Free DC Line
1 x Tool Bag

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