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Dash Camera Hard Wire Kit | Run Your Dash Cam Directly From Your Battery

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This wiring kit includes everything necessary to permanently power your dash camera directly from your car's battery.

Keep the camera running, even with the ignition off:
This kit allows your dash camera to run directly from your battery, continuously recording even when you have parked and left your car.

This is a great feature to safely record while you're parked at shopping centres, camp sites or when your car is parked on the street.

Battery drain protection:
Featuring a clever unit that monitors your battery's voltage.

When it detects your battery is being drained, it cuts off power to your dash cam (so that your battery will still have enough power to safely start your car).

The battery protection can be selected at 4 different voltages.

Total Cable Length: 4 Meters/12 Foot
Input Wires: POWER / GROUND / ACC
Input Voltage Typical: DC 12/24V
Input Voltage MAX: DC 36V
Input Fuse Recommended: 2A 5X20 Glass Tube Fuse
Output Connector: Micro USB Plug
Output Voltage Typical: DC 5V
Output Current Typical: 1A
Output Current MAX: 2A
Output Capacity Typical: 5W
Output Capacity MAX: 10W
Working Temperature:-20 to 60℃

Output Voltage Specified:
1. No Load 5.4V, 0.5A Load 5.1V
2. 1A Load 4.8V, 2A Load 4.2V

Battery Drain Protection:
1. Reverse Connect Protection
2. Short Circuit Protection
3. Over Temperature Protection
4. Over Voltage Protection
5. Over Load Protection

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