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BAP Offroad® Heavy Duty 3D Moulded TPE Rubber Floor Mat Liners

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Designed specifically for all Australia's weather environments, BAP Offroad® 3D rubber floor mats are tough and durable.

Made to securely lock into your car's original OEM mounting retention points, each mat fits like a glove - ensuring no slippage or lifting.

In the package, you receive:
2x Front Mats (Both driver and passenger sides)
1x Full Rear Mat (Covers both left and right passenger sides)

3D Design: Lines the front, sides and back of the footwell for all over coverage.

High walls: Designed with high walls and a fluid reservoir system to capture and hold water, mud and other nasties within the walls of the mat.

Water channels: Carry fluid and debris away from areas where shoes shoes sit.

Easy to clean: Remove the liner, pour out any liquids or other nasties and simply hose off or pressure wash. Leave to drip dry or use a clean cloth.

Comfortable: The lined pattern works to spread pressure under your feet, promoting a more comfortable driving experience.

Thick: Made from high grade TPE rubber, each mat is solid and thick, ensuring a durable and long lasting life span.

Non slip: Advanced texturised anit-slip coating ensures your feet do not slip, even when the mats are saturated.

Perfect fitment: Custom moulded and laser cut for your exact model and year of vehicle.

Odourless: Unlike other, cheaper floor mats, ours are totally odourless and eco friendly.

*Shape and design of mats may vary from the photos depending on your specific vehicle's layout and floor design.

Don't see your car's make/model listed? Please contact us to find out if we can get them in stock for your model.

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