Ford Ranger LED Headlight Kit

  • A 4X4's headlights are the most heavily relied upon.

    Navigating offroad tracks and driving in the country at speed require lights with crystal clear vision - you don't want to risk hitting wildlife or objects such as trees, rocks etc.

    Unfortunately the dull and yellow standard headlights fitted to most vehicles barely do the job and are prone to burning out.

    This headlight upgrade kit consists of two LED headlights that are super easy to fit.

    They're designed to be plug and play with your Ford Ranger. Simply unplug your old headlights, plug these in and you're ready to go!

    You get a crisper, more full beam of light compared to your standard halogen globes whilst drawing a lot less power and strain on your battery - perfect if you're running a lot of accessories such as a fridge, phone chargers etc.


    Designed with a crisp cut-off line - does not blind other drivers unlike other kits on the market

    + Latest Philips Lumiled LED chips - 2~4 times brighter than other LEDs

    + Built-in Canbus adaptor - Shows no headlight error on your dash

    + Built in EMC filter - does not interfere with your radio unlike other kits

    + Powerful 12,000RPM turbo cooling fans

    + Plug-and-play - no extra wiring required

    + IP68 Certified - Water, dust and vibration proof

    + 3 Year Genuine Aussie Warranty - if it fails in the next 3 years, we'll replace it, guaranteed.

    This kit has been specifically developed for 4X4s.

    Designed to work whilst driving through heavy vibrations, fine dust particles and even being totally submersed in water.

    Teeth shattering corrugated tracks, dusty country roads and river crossings are not a problem.


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