Heavy Duty Dual Output Deutsch Plug Quick Fit Wiring Kit

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Designed with H4 and HB3 connectors, allowing a quick and easy plug into your car's factory high beam relay ✔️

  • Compatible with negatively switched vehicles!
  • Dual output - connect one or two light bars, driving lights etc
  • IP68 waterproof DT connectors, no more old leaky connectors.
  • Heavy duty TXL automotive wires with wide temperature range from -40℃ to 155℃

Once you have mechanically installed your new LED light bar, it is time to give it a steady supply of electrons so it has a steady supply of night vanquishing power.

Acquiring a good wiring harness set ensures reliability and avoids unsafe operating conditions or damage to your vehicle.

There are three grades of automotive wire: GPT, GXL and TXL. Your local auto parts will have GPT wire but probably not GXL or TXL grades. Our TXL grade wiring harness offers you a higher temperature range and better resistance to solvents and other chemicals.

Your LED light bar probably has an IP67 or higher rating. Why compromise that with leaky connectors? Our IP68 watertight DT connectors shall always stand along with your LED lights and bars, protecting the weakest spot of the wirings.

40A automotive relay is included in the wiring kit. It is fully capable to handle 40A of current, which is more than enough for even large LED lights and bars.

Wiring tips:
Before you start, disconnect the vehicle battery. Do not take shortcuts. Disconnect it. Your car or truck battery may not appear threatening, but it is a potentially life-threatening storehouse of electrons looking for any way out at the speed of light.

  • TXL automotive wires with wide temperature range from -40℃ to 155℃
  • High tolerance to acids, alkalis, oils, moisture, and fungi.
  • Over 9 meters total wiring length ensures an easy connection with lights at any position.
  • IP68 waterproof DT connectors, no more  old leaky connectors that short out.
  • No loose ends. All covered by UV and corrosion resistant polycarbonate protective sleeve and casing. Ensuring safety even in the toughest conditions.
  • Knowing that your bright, night-splitting LEDs are getting all the power they can consume, reliably and safely.

From  To  Total Length
Connectors  Relay   2.9M
High Beam  Relay   2.3M
Switch  Relay   2.8M
Acc  Relay   1.3M  

This product comes with a 2 year warranty against defects*.